Top pakistan's places

Top ten places in Pakistan everyone would like to visit

Top ten places in Pakistan everyone would like to visit.


Pakistan is a gift of God. it is very rich in every way be it culture, food, agriculture, economy,  history, and beautiful places. Pakistan is a country completely covered with beauty. Every province of Pakistan has something attractive for the tourists or sight that the tourist wants.

The best places for all kinds of tourists in Pakistan because Pakistan has all kinds of beauty. Tourists from all over the world come here and enjoy the beautiful scenery and praise nature. The northern region of Pakistan is famous all over the world for its beauty.

High mountains, beautiful lakes, green valleys, and amazing wildlife and places that make Pakistan beautiful are mentioned below.

1: Balochistan’s Hingol National park.

blouchistan's national park
Hingol national park

with its rocky terrain, mountain caves, and beautiful beaches, Hangul National Park is one of the natural beauty of Pakistan. It also has cultural significance and Hangul National Park is one of the most scenic spots in Balochistan

It is located along the Makran Coastal Highway covering an area of ​​about 1,650 sq km. A large part of the park covers with flowing sand so it is also called a semi-coastal desert. This park is one of the most important natural reserves in Pakistan.

2:Fascinating valley Rawalakot.

beautiful valley,Rawalakot
Rawalakot valley

Rawalkot is considered to be the pearl of Kashmir which is itself called “Paradise on Earth”. It has a very natural beauty. It doesn’t have a rich culture It is firstly known for its natural beauty and tourism.

Being a northern region, the winter season treats everyone here harshly so people visit this place in summer. The Summer season highlights the charming beauty of Rawalpindi.

3: Lok Virsa, the cultural heritage of Pakistan.

cultural museum,Lokvirsa
Lokvirsa museum

This museum shows a great variety of cultural items like statues, pictures, pottery, music, and textile work of different ethnic groups of Pakistan. It also has a resource library that has a great selection of books. Books are available on folklore, culture, traditions, ethnicities, and history.

The museum also provides regular exhibitions that showcase products like embroidered costumes, jewelry, woodwork, metalwork ivory, and bone work.

4:  The top place in Pakistan, Saidpur.

An old village,saidpur
saidpur village,Islamabad

This place is one of the top places to visit in Islamabad. Syedpur is an olden village with a rich history, located near Margalla Hills, Islamabad. In the past, it was a Hindu village. where Hindu worshipers from everywhere used to come and worship here. Remains of the village still exist where tourists regularly visit.

5: White Palace Swat.

beautiful white palace
whit palace,Sawat

White Palace Marghzar is the only attractive place in Swat district which is found at a distance of about 12 km from Mingora city. Tourists come because of the natural beauty of the place and the enjoyable weather. people also visit the historic White Palace.

The White Palace is an important visitor attraction. The palace doesn’t just look beautiful in summer. It is also good looking place in winter. This palace is especially attractive after a snowfall.

6:Blue gem of Pakistan-Neelum Valley.

Blue gem of pakistan,Neelam valley
Neelam valley

This valley is one of the most visited areas in the northern part of Pakistan. Neelam is one of the most beautiful valleys in Azad Kashmir. It hosts many rivers, freshwater rivers, forests, lush mountains, and flowing rivers. people visit this valley due to its beauty.

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7: Clifton Beach.

sea view,clifton beach in karachi
Clifton beach

Clifton Beach, also known as Sea View. It is located on the Arabian Sea and spreads from Karachi to Ormara. In addition to the natural beauty, the beach is full of many fun activities. Fun activities are camel riding, scuba diving, cliff diving, buggy riding, horse riding, flying plastic planes.


8: Noor Mahal, the top place to visit

shahi noor mahal,The top place in Pakistan
Noor mahal

Shahi Noor Mahal Bahawalpur is the top place in Pakistan. It is very beautiful with high, colorful, and tasteful ceilings with large chandeliers, aesthetically marble, tiled floors, and spacious halls. It is a model of architecture that will attract any traveler who loves history.

9:Top place, Faisal Mosque.

Faisal mosque is the most visited and include in ten top places of Pakistan. This masjid looks like based on the shape of a Bedouin tent, the Faisal Mosque looks more like a spaceport. Faisal mosque includes in the top 10 places in Pakistan.

This mosque is in the center of Islamabad. A beautiful mosque refers to modern architecture and is the holiest site in Mecca. the Faisal Mosque is a unique meeting of Islamic motivation from generation to generation.

10: Shounter Lake Azad Kashmir.

shounter lake,located in shounter valley
shounter lake

A small lake, shounter Lake is a beautiful lake and located in Shounter Valley. It is located in shounter valley, therefore, called shounter lake. The icy waters of the surrounding mountains open this lake. The snow-capped mountains and lush vegetation surround the lake.

Shounter lake is a small place and also a top place for tourists and visitors while coming to Azad Kashmir always visit this lake and make their time best. The lake gives a beautiful view to visitors.


Pakistan is one of the most interesting countries in the world because of its beauty. This is because of its mountainous land on one side and its desert rise on the other has a lot of cultures born of a large variety of ethnic groups.

Pakistan is famous for its geographical greatness Because Pakistan has all kinds of natural facts and attractive hills. Hills go up to the high peaks in the north consequently, it has vast plains and rivers, towards Sindh province.

we begin to observe the seas, and finally, the vast deserts make it a complete treasure of nature’s gifts. One of the reasons why the landscape is so attractive is that most of these are still preserved in their raw and highly natural form. We must not forget that Pakistan is proud to claim the five highest and most magnificent mountains in the world.

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