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Keywords in web articles are single words or complex phrases that people use in search engines to represent their search queries. They make it possible to find any site or information through search engines. Moreover, site owners and marketers can rank their websites above their competitors by using appropriate keywords.

They are considered as the main elements of SEO that help to find what your content is about. Without keywords, it will be difficult to find a relevant article that you need.

How to write Keywords in your  web articles:

It is important to use keywords in your content so that people might reach you. In other words, It will improve your websites’ rank. You should use keywords at the right places and positions like:
. In the title of an article or at the beginning of the paragraph.
. In the meta-description.
. Use in the middle of the article.
. At the end of the article.
. Use relevant keywords once or twice in the article.
Similarly, do not use too many keyword phrases in your content as it will be named “keyword spamming”.Above all, try to insert them in a natural way but should not be used in every sentence. However, Only 2% are enough to make your article authentic, researchable, and attractive.

Types of keywords in web articles:

Firstly, you need to know which type of keywords will be more helpful in your article and must have knowledge about the following types.
1. Keywords by length
2. Google ads keywords
3. On-site keywords
4. Buyer keywords
5. Target keywords
Keywords by length are of three types and these are long tail, short tail, and mid-tail keywords.
Shor tail or head keywords are generic keywords that have much volume of search traffic. They include one or two words.
Mid-tail keywords are more descriptive than generic keyword phrases and they include two or three words.
Long-tail keywords are targeted to specific audiences and have a small volume of search traffic. It makes them easy to rank.
When you know all the types, you will have a better strategic marketing plan which helps you how to target the audience. Moreover, you will know the better ideas to increase traffic in google.

Keyword research is an important factor as keywords in web articles:

An important method of on-page SEO is keyword research that helps you to increase the traffic to your site. In other words, the main aim of keyword research is to find out the right keyword phrase that people use in search engines. Moreover, it provides new ideas to optimize the content on the website.

importance of keyword research in web articles
Keywords Research on-page optimization, SEO

Website owners arrange their website content optimization once a year. However, a change in keywords means a change in the description of the content. The business owners are unfamiliar with the purpose of SEO services therefore, they hire an SEO specialist who can provide keyword research.


In this article, we have discussed the definition of keywords, how to write them in an article and after that, the importance of keyword research. If you want to insert the best keywords in your content, you must have proper knowledge about the types of keyword phrases that using which type will give you high rankings.
If you have an idea that inserting 8-10% keywords will give you high rankings, it’s not right In addition, the only thing that will rank you is authentic and attractive content with appropriate keyword density.

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