Samsung note 8

Samsung Note 8 “Email Sync Disabled” fix

Nowadays, many people are facing the issue of Samsung Note 8 “Email Sync Disabled” and it is a huge concern for most of them. So, I am going to share a few easy methods to fix this issue. Follow the complete procedure to fix the “Email Sync Disabled” issue on your Android device.

1st Method: “Email Sync Disabled” Fix Through Settings

  • Open your device settings and tap on the accounts
  • Select Google and check all the given options
  • Finally, Tap on Sync All

Samsung Note 8 “Email Sync Disabled” fix

2nd Method: Fix Through Master Sync

If 1st method does not fix the issue, try the following steps:

  • Open your status bar and find the option sync
  • Tap on the sync option and all your accounts, apps, contacts, and photos will be automatically sync

Samsung Note 8 “Email Sync Disabled” fix

The above methods for fix will work for all Android devices and not be restricted to only Samsung Note 8 

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