Coronavirus Impact On Pakistan


The Covid-19  is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome. Like all other countries, coronavirus has also impacted Pakistan. Its first case was confirmed on February 26, 2020. Covid 19 infected all the districts of Pakistan by 17 June. In this article, we will discuss the coronavirus impact on the economy. After that, you will know how to prevent this disease by taking measures.

Coronavirus's impact on economy
Covid-19 causing stress

 Coronavirus impact on Pakistan’s economy:

Pakistan’s economy is highly affected by this Pandemic. Every sector of Pakistan is under crisis which causes an increase in unemployment. The exports of Pakistan are down due to canceling of the orders. Moreover, It has negative effects on foreign reserves.

People are living in difficult situations.  This pandemic has reduced the country’s recovery process. In addition, This outbreak had cost Pakistan’s economy in the range of millions to billions.

The psychological impact of coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan:

This disease has deeply affected our everyday lives. The government took strict measures to cope with this pandemic. It includes closing schools and reinforcing smart lockdown. Pakistan is unstable to deal with the measures like self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing.

It has put psychological pressure on medical workers. The intensity of this pandemic has reduced the decision-making capacity of medical workers. Above all, This will have a long time effect on well-being.

Coronavirus Impact on education:

Pakistan’s schools are deeply affected by this disease. School closures have caused mental issues for the students. And this loss will have impacts for years to come. The government has introduced online learning but it has some disadvantages.

Some students cannot get access to networks and technology. The measures like giving 33% concessional marks are not much beneficial. Health and mental problems are increasing day by day therefore, the government should control them.

Strategies to reduce Coronavirus impact:

Covid-19 mainly affects people with 65 age or more and those who have a weak immune system. Following measures are helpful in its prevention.

  • Avoid to contact with people and use face masks in crowded and closed places.
    Cover sneezes with tissues.
  • Use hand sanitizers where soap is not available and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Try to increase awareness of pandemics among children.


In conclusion, COVID-19 has severe effects on our social, economic, industrial, and education sectors. The exports of Pakistan are decreasing. Students will have degrees but no education in the future. In addition, an increase in unemployment is leading towards an increase in poverty. Moreover, it has increased the public debts of Pakistan.

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