Computers are destroying our health


The computer has become an integral part of our daily lives routine. In other words, it is impossible to imagine the world without technology. Computers are being used for many purposes like gathering information and making every way easy and possible. But today, computers are destroying our health.

Excess of everything is bad. The overuse of computers increases the risk of health diseases like poor vision, head pain, back pain, and shoulders pain.
In this article, we will discuss that how computers are destroying our health, and in the end, we will discuss the strategies to reduce the problems.

How Computers are destroying our health:

Health is a great wealth and we should take every possible way to remain fit. But as our daily needs are increased, we take many health issues.


During work on the computer, our hands continuously work on keyboards. As a result, this causes wrist and elbow pain leading to a disease called osteoarthritis, the disease in which cartilage wears away from joints.

Computers causing wrist pain
woman with wrist pain

Poor vision:

Harmful radiations emitted by monitors directly weaken our thinking and seeing ability. Consequently, this leads to headaches and ultimately causes stress.

computers are destroying our eyes
bad blurry weak vision and eyestrain

Neck and back pain:

The time in which we are living is a time of advanced science and technology. Moreover, increased growth in technology demands increased experience of work. It demands its users and workers to work more and more. Consequently, they spend a lot of time in offices without taking a rest.

computers musculoskeletal syndrome
young women neck and shoulder pain injury

Consistent work causes them many disorders like neck and shoulders pain. These problems are uncomfortable but are temporary and can be cured by proper medical guidance.

Computers are destroying our health which causes psychological issues:

Spending a lot of time on the computers weakens our bonding connections with our family and friends. We are losing in a virtual world without knowing the reality of the world. Some of us cannot feel the pain of our beloved ones in their difficult time.

computers destroying our mental health
depress and stressed the concept

we consider the world of the internet real and are moving away from our relatives. Working only on devices makes a student irritate. He does not take his diet properly, always remains in thoughts without knowing that what is happening around him.
The main effect is that it causes loneliness and low self-esteem.

Computers are destroying our health but some strategies can reduce their harmful effects:

Following strategies will help you to reduce your health issues while using a device.  Moreover, You must try to spend more time with your family which will give you spiritual satisfaction.
If you have hand or wrist pain then use voice commands in your research. In other words, it will reduce your fingers and thumbs’ pain.
Close off your eyes for some time and sleep at least for 8 hours at night properly. In addition, Try to lower the brightness of the device, you are using and  It will reduce eye strain.
Adjust your postures, use pillows, and take some exercise Relax for 5 minutes after every hour. It will help you to reduce your muscles pain.

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