Beautiful Places in Pakistan


Living in one place and not visiting the beautiful places in Pakistan makes a person’s life dull, boring and exhaustive. In order to remain healthy and active, you should cherish yourself. Moreover, If you want to live the true meaning of life, become a tourist and visit all the beautiful places.

Pakistan is among the most beautiful countries in the world. And its places are worth visiting and worth exploring. In this article, I will tell you about the beautiful places in Pakistan you have never seen. After knowing the beauty of Pakistan, you would say “WOW”.

Beautiful places in Pakistan:

1. Neelam Valley: one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan:

Kashmir is the Paradise of the world due to its fascinating scenery. Neelam valley is one of the magnificent and charming places of Azad Kashmir. It is located in the north of Muzzafarabad(the capital of Azad Kashmir).

A blue-colored river flows across the valley due to which this valley is named “Neelam”. Similarly, Some people have a view that it is named after a stone called ‘Neelam’. However, this valley attracts tourists with its magnificent mountains, hills, and lakes.
In addition, Kaghan and Neelam valley are parallel to each other and snowy hills separate these valleys.

Know more about Neelam Valley

 beautiful place to visit
Neelam Valley


Urdu is usually spoken by people because it can be easily understood by anyone. In addition, some Kashmiris also speak Kashmiri or Hindko, or Pahari. Pushto and Punjabi languages are also spoken there.

2. Kaghan Valley:

Kaghan valley is a jewel valley of Mansehra, the district of KPK. It is among the most beautiful places in Pakistan. This valley is 160 Kilometers long and people visit this place during the summer holidays. The road passes through Abbtoabbad, Mansehra, and Balakot that leads to the valley.

Kaghan valley, one of beautiful places in Pakistan
kaghan Valley KPK, Pakistan

In its historical view, it was a neglected and backward area. A supply line between Babusar pass and the northern areas of Gilgit Baltistan developed this place. Naran and Shogran are beautiful areas of this valley and the Famous lake Saif-ul-Muluk is its special feature.


Gojri and Hindko are their local languages and people easily understand the Urdu language.

3. Noor Mahal:

If you are a history and architecture lover then you must visit Noor Mahal, the Palace of lights. It is one of the attractive places of Bhawalpur. Nawab Sadiq Khan 4 also known as Shahjahan of Bahawalpur built its structure.

Beautiful place in Pakistan
Noor Mahal

Its building is magnificent, walls are glorified and the ceiling is worth seeing. Moreover, It contains 125 rooms and all rooms are truly furnished and well adorned. Above all, They are air-conditioned and also have internet access. In addition, Pakistan Army owns this place.

4. Deosai National Park:Must Visit beautiful places in Pakistan

Deosai is an amazing place for camping, located in the west of the Himalayas. However, People visit this place during summer because, in winter, snow covers it for a long period. During spring, it attracts tourists from the country and also from abroad by its fascinating wildflowers and greenery plains.

An amazing place
Deosai National Park

The shear lake is also found in this park and tourists enjoy eating trout fish with pleasure in this park.

5. Faisal Mosque:

Faisal mosque is the 1st largest mosque in South Asia and 2nd largest in the world. Marshal Ayub Khan(President of Pakistan) found its site. It was named ‘Faisal’ when the king of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal bin Abd-ul-Aziz visited Pakistan and supported financially the construction of the mosque as a gift for Pakistanis.

Largest mosque of South Asia
Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad.

This mosque is near Margala hills. Above all, It reflects Turkish architecture. Moreover, it has a big hall and wide courtyard where Muslims can pray their prayers at one time.

6. Margala Hills:

Of the beautiful places in Pakistan, Margala hills are the best place for hiking for nature lovers. These naturally beautiful hills are located in Islamabad and it is the most visited National Forest. You will see greenery all around, spring water, and amazing trails to walk.

Best place for hiking
Margala Hills

Moreover, It provides many medicinal herbs for different kinds of ailments. But facilities of science and technology have reduced the practice of these herbs.

7. Shimshal:

Shimshal valley is an adventurous area in Hunza valley. Mostly, mountaineers and climbers visit this area and they make Pakistan proud by climbing these mountains.

Shimshal is a village located in Hunza District.

People of Shimshal have to rely on alternatives of resources for their daily life routine. Similarly, they rely on Solar energy to generate electricity and compressed natural gas in their cylinders. Moreover, Shimalis are Wakhi and they speak the Wakhi language.

8. Hunza Valley:

Hunza valley is located in Gilgit Baltistan and a wide range of mountains cover this valley. Moreover,
You can visit this valley from May to October and It has three regions: upper Hunza, center Hunza, and Lower Hunza.

Amazing place among beautiful places in Pakistan
Hunza valley, along Karakoram highway, northern Pakistan

Local Food:

Local food is Gyal that people eat in breakfast with jam and honey.


Burushaski, Domki, Shina, and Wakhi are local languages.

9. Phander village:


If anyone wants to visit a peaceful place then must visit Phander village. Most of the visitors could not believe the reality of this place as it gives much more peace and calms to visitors than anything else. In fact, there are no restaurants, no noise, and no vehicles, the only thing there is peace.

Beautiful place where you can find peace
A view of the Phandar valley in the northern area of Pakistan

In winter, it is very cold so, visit this place during summer from April to October.
In addition, 2G network is available there and Facebook, WhatsApp, and youtube do not work there.

10. Beautiful places in Pakistan: Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort is located in Jhelum and  Afghan king Sher Shah Sori built its construction but he died before its completion. Its construction was completed after 10 years of the Afghan king’s death. It has 12 gates and the gate which is most decorated is the Kabuli gate.


one of beautiful places in Pakistan
Rohtas fortress in Punjab, Pakistan


In addition,  the general negligence of the government has caused a great loss to its original structure. However, as a visitor, you can cherish yourself by exploring its surroundings.


In conclusion, a healthy mind has a healthy body. If you want to amuse yourself, just visit these beautiful places and forget all your worries. Pakistan always welcomes magnificently the tourist, No matter, if you are from outside the country.


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